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    Jewelry Trends 2020

    Pearls for timeless elegance Pearls have lost their old-fashioned reputation and are now a favorite with some of fashion’s most discerning young jewelry designers. Silver, gold beads and pearls are the charms to assemble the outstanding accessories to create one of the Jewelry Trends 2020 Look forward to modern, asymmetrical pearl jewelry from Spanish brands like UNOde50, Ciclon and B & G, adding a romantic touch to your look.

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    Clean, Care and Maintain Jewelry

    Our experience report will help you to enjoy the jewels for a long time, as it contains tips, tricks and the best way maintain, clean and care silver jewelry How to clean tarnished silver jewelry A common question when we sell a piece of silver jewelry is: „How do I clean and how do I take care of my jewelry“? Firstly, you need to know that you should wear the pieces often. It is much better to wear them, then to store it, but lets touch on this issue later on. Lets get to some facts on why and how. Why do jewelry pieces get tarnished? Silver is a metal…

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    The Revival of Gold Jewelry

    Gold jewelry was, is, and always will be in style, one time more, and one time less. In addition, there is a class of people who permanently will wear gold ONLY, but these individuals may not be bounded to high fashion and follow more their particular style, due to taste or simply can afford precious metals. These days, the revival of the gold rush is taking place on main street. Designers offer all kind of gold jewelry, in all categories. They may be made of brass, gold plated or gold painted, in a minimalist style to make the jewels affordable. Silver jewelry dominated the trends over years, and most of…

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    Dragonfly Jewelry - Learn the Magic and Power

    You may have heard that some of animals symbolize special powers and echo inspiration. Spiritual  jewelry and lucky charms will serve in your daily life and support your personal development and journey through your lifespan. Dragonfly’s are one of those power animals or insects, who transmit these particular qualities. UNOde50 dedicates in this Fall-Winter collection an entire jewelry line to dragonflies and calls the line “SWEETNESS”. Unique Dragonfly Bracelets The Sweetness collection features spectacular bracelets and bangles with dragonflies, sometimes in a silver tone and sometimes paired with handcrafted and pastel colored crystals. Dragonflies symbolize the change in perspective of self realization, understanding the deeper meaning of life. Call upon them if…

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    14 Boho and Hippie Chic Styles

    1. The Boho Chic Clothing Style The evolvement of the Boho chic style went through different stages. First, we had the Gypsy, bohemian style with their colorful natural based cloth, which became heavily influenced by the Flower-power Hippie epoch of the 70´s. In the 90´s and 2000´s, the boho chic was exposed to different styles. Once it was the grunch look, then it was called heroin chic (Sunday Times 2007) or retro-hippie-shabby – chic (National Geographic 2003). One unnamed student writer referred once to the style as “paying to look poor”. Some of the most important ambassadors of the style were Laura Ashley, American fashion designer, French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg ,…

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    Origin of Boho Chic and Hippie Chic - What is the difference?

    We all wonder where the boho chic style is coming from. The transformation from the bohemian homeless outfit to the celebrity look was influenced by occurrences, persons of our time, such as the Hippie movement, punk and grunch style in the 90´s, or musicians, actresses, models and designers who were setting the trend. What is Hippie chic? While searching for information about the boho chic style, I came across some interesting aspects about the bohemian fashion trend. According to Wikipedia, BoHo is an abbreviation for Bohemian homeless, whereas the word  “chic” is the french translation for elegance. This suggest that the bohemian non-conventional, free, gypsy and natural, spirited lifestyle was…

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    Four UNO de 50 jewelry lines will hit the market during spring-summer 2018

      Four UNO de 50 jewelry trends for spring summer 2018. As usual, our main brand UNO de 50 excels with great collections and is setting the jewelry trends also in the glamorous spanish jewelry sector for 2018. Four UNO de 50 jewelry lines will hit the market within the spring-summer season 2018. Customers can be excited about the new jewelry trends, being surprised about seasonal gems and amazed about the creativity behind these hand-crafted jewels. The first UNO de 50 2018 collection is designed by Chris Bangle. This jewelry line is named ICE and is launched punctual for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The line is inspired by ice…

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    Cool men's jewellery

    Masculine and unique men’s Jewellery If you are looking for an individual present for today’s fathers day, than you may come along of Livit Barcelona, which is known for high quality statement jewellery and also for cool men’s jewellery.  The extensive collection of creative and original men’s jewellery reaches from the fine men’s leather bracelet, or stylish silver cuff bracelet to motorcycle and rock style biker jewellery, embracing celtic and tattoo jewellery. Livit carries famous designer men’s jewellery brands such as UNO de 50 jewellery, b&g jewellery, Coolskin and XXL Hardwear. All are spanish  jewellery brands. One of the most famous and rapid evolving, high fashion brands, is the Uno de…

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    Colour Trends for spring summer 2017

        What colors, which are the top color summer trends for 2017? These colors will enlighten your outfits: Pink, Fuchsia and Coral Definitely new this summer is bright pink or fuchsia, which is a bit more flashy, but popping up your outfit. Also coral is a big theme, which is trendy since last season. There are more color themes appealing this summer season and more possibilities to stay in the limelight. Turquoise, green, blue and bright yellow Turquoise and blue beaches are in our mind when we talk about summer holidays. Exactly these water colors are a safe bet in your wardrobe. Green is beside pink the newcomer color…

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    Nature inspired jewellery

    Here in the Mediterranean area, around the seashore, there is always an aspiration for sea inspired jewellery, especially during the summer months. The UNO de 50 jewellery collection entails fishes in various forms and shapes in 2017 summer collection.   The UNO de 50 jewellery collection includes beside the fishes animal inspired statement jewellery.  An elephant head is used in their striking “nature collection”